Why does the writer use the allusion in the essay

If you are a creative person, then you must know the reason why does the writer use the allusion in the essay. Most of the writers use it to emphasize the importance of certain words and they do not intend to denigrate any language or culture. It is just that they want to impress their readers with their excellent skills in using the language. In fact, when you read an essay, you will be amazed to find that most of the time, it has been written with the help of this allusion. Let us see how it can be done in a better way.

The main idea

Once you finish the essay, you cannot change the main idea because this is something that we have to abide by. So, it is better to use words that do not disturb the main concept of the essay. For example, you will never find the word “and” in the essay. This is because it will disturb the reader’s mind when he read the essay.

The transition

The transition is very important because it separates the main idea from the rest of the essay. You should always make it a point to have a transition between two things. A writer can never have enough transition in his essay. If he has more than one, then he will have too many to deal with.

The description of the main idea

This is very useful for students. If you want your student to remember the main idea of the essay, you can describe it in this way. The first part will state the main idea. Then the second part will contain the description of the word or words that will describe the main idea.

Quite interesting

After describing the main idea, he will continue by describing the word that he used for the main idea and the word that will support the main idea. After describing the word, he will end up stating the idea again. In a way, he will link the main idea to the other words that support it.

Called an allusion

In the English language, allusions are similar-sounding words. If an author wants to create a strong allusion, he must create a word that carries a certain allusion to the main idea.

A main problem with the word “allusion” is its negative implication. When you use an allusion, you must make sure that it does carry some kind of negative implication. If you do not do so, readers will not believe in what you are stating.

The main challenge is how to use an allusion effectively in the essay. In general, the best thing to do is to use it in the proper place. You should always use it when you have explained something about the main idea. Otherwise, you should refrain from using it.

An example will help you understand where to place a word that carries a negative allusion in your essay. Take the sentence “John Doe saw an old man fall.” What does John Doe see? The main idea of the sentence is “saw an old man fall.” The allusion is “a man fall,” which clearly leads us to assume that “a man” refers to John Doe.

The problem is that John does not focus on the main idea in the sentence. Instead, he mentions the word “allusion.” Why does he do this? Because he wants us to infer something from his writing, and “allusion” is an allusion. The problem is that the inference he is making is that because the word “allusion” has a soothing sound to it, John must have encountered such an object during his daily life.

This kind of writing style makes it easy to slip up with the use of an allusion. Students can easily become careless and lose track of the main idea. As a result, they may begin to feel that the entire essay is a retelling of some other story.


If you find yourself struggling with an essay, it’s time to pay attention to what the writer is saying and who he is talking to. You can generally catch a writer by his writing style, even if you don’t know what language he is using. Pay close attention to his choice of words and try to figure out how he is connecting the main idea to the rest of the essay. Once you’ve figured out his strategy, you’ll have no trouble explaining why does the writer use the allusion in the essay. Once you know the general technique, you can move on to another essay with a similar main concept and use the allusion to figure out how he connects the two ideas.

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