How to write a good conclusion paragraph for an essay?

How to write a good conclusion to an essay is one of the more important parts of the entire written communication course. This is also the part of the essay where a writer is permitted to explore and showcase their creative and original thinking skills. However, the end-of-the-course paragraph is often the longest part of the entire written piece. So it becomes all the more important that an essay conclusion does justice to the subject matter and is able to encapsulate the ideas, concepts, and points that the writer has conveyed through the essay. This is where the “pitch” or theme of the essay comes into play.

The “pitch” is what really gets the student interested in reading through and digesting the written work and making sense out of it. It is usually the last part of the essay to be written and it comes with a sense of finality. The writer usually concludes his thoughts on the subject and makes a statement about the ultimate result.

However, there is a great deal of room for creativity when it comes to how to write a good conclusion to an essay. There are actually several ways that an author can put forward his/her ideas in this regard. Here are some of the more common ways that students and authors use to express their thoughts:

An author may want to start his or her discussion on how to write a good conclusion to an essay by drawing a generalization from a few examples that have been highlighted in his or her mind. One can draw a broad pattern from these examples and try to extrapolate from there. Similarly, one may seek to highlight some of the specific details about one’s subject that support the main point that one is trying to make. It is through the presentation of evidence that one hopes to convince the reader that the conclusion he or she is drawing is correct.

One has to remember that the whole point of the essay is to argue a particular point of view. Hence, when one seeks to draw conclusions, he or she should do so in a manner that is truthful, fair, and unashamedly opinionated. At the same time, one should not over-emphasize the importance of the particular case study in question. The author should also try to keep the focus of the essay as narrow as possible. This ensures that the actual question that one is posing will yield as few answers as possible.

Another way to express the idea of how to write a good conclusion to the paper is to carefully explore and evaluate the arguments of the last paragraph. This should not be done in a haste as it should be done in a methodical and logical manner. The conclusion you write should be well organized, clean, and obvious. It is very important that you do not deviate from the main topic or take away the focus from it when writing this part.

Writing a good conclusion to an essay is actually easier than it sounds. There are many different ways one can do this. In fact, these methods can be applied to any type of argument or to any part of the essay. However, when it comes to proving a point, it is recommended to stick to one approach.

There is no reason why a good conclusion should not be followed precisely. That said, it is not necessary for one to adhere to the strict rules of formal composition. You do not have to write like a scholar or like a professional. Rather, what is more important is to effectively express an idea in as few words as possible. That is not to say that the end result will be flawless but it will be close.

How to write a good conclusion to an essay is not a difficult task. It is simply one step further than writing the introduction to your paper. For ideas and pointers, you can also refer to books and online sources that provide additional information on how to write a good conclusion to a particular argument.