College Admission Essay Topics

If you find yourself in college applicant thinking, “I need help with college admission essay topics,” read on. Open-ended subjects on college admission essays often have an irritatingly random pro/con side that can leave you both torn between cheering for your chosen topic and shaking a nervous sweat. I’ve been there, done that, and here is a list of college admission essay topics to consider (in no particular order….but the most important aspects will probably apply to all three).

Personal essay topics are probably the most difficult type of essay to write, because we are so intimately involved in them. We have known people whose first language was French or whose high school English was poor, who have written amazing masterpieces of descriptive writing about things they have never known. However, writing in this style of personal fashion requires a bit more work. And, fortunately, there are many wonderful resources available to help you prepare for it.

To help get started, you should find an old copy of your resume, or do a Google search for your old resume. Write down all the college admission essay topics you can think of that relate to the subject you are applying to. You will likely have some old college textbooks from the college that you want to use as research; look for good college essays on these too. And, of course, there is no rule against borrowing ideas from other sources-you might find that a professor gave you an interesting idea for your paper.

For your first college admissions essay topics, you will probably want to pick some kind of broad topic that you have knowledge about. “Who I am” or “My goals” are great examples of broad topics. They’re relatively easy to write (because you’ve already thought about the answers beforehand) and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble by having these college admissions essay topics already written.

If you know you are to apply to a college with a specific major, then make sure that your college admissions essay topics discuss this as well. After all, your college essays must demonstrate to the reader that you have what it takes to pursue a certain major!

The next best step towards choosing good college essay topics is to spend some time searching around for some popular, unique ideas. One of my favorite sources for weird college admission essay topics is the Internet. Here you can find tons of examples of other students’ essays-and how they used various college admission essay prompts.

If you’re going to do something different than the typical student, make sure you show your creativity by exploring different college admission essay topics. One thing I like to do is go through a college’s newspaper and pick up a couple of college entry essays that have weird headlines. I’ll read them over, trying to figure out what they’re all about. Once I’ve figured out what the essay’s about I’ll write my own essay, usually based on what I’ve found. I often come up with something new that college committees would be really impressed with!

Another great source for unique essay writing service ideas is to buy essays from students who are applying to the same college as you. It’s always fun to surprise the college committee members who are reviewing your application! Another good source of essay writing services ideas is to buy essays from the library. Sometimes there’s books in the library that has essays from students who are graduating from the same university. If there’s not much in the way of specific college admission essay topics, this might be a great place to look.

College admissions committees are looking for unique and fresh ideas to impress their readers. The best way to get creative is to think outside the box. Look for sources of unique essay topics that you’ve read but never tried to implement yourself. You can use these ideas to create your own unique set of essays for college. The more you read and think outside the box, the better your chances of getting into the university of your dreams!